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(New) Heroes & Villains PDF

Heroes & Villains Bonus PDF (172k)

(NEW) Beneath the Stars (Free Code of Unaris Mini-adventure)

Beneath the Stars (232k)

FREE Bonus Character Templates

Bonus Character Templates I (440k)

Maps of the Sunset Kingdoms and Alfar Tower 7 1/2 x 11 (hi res)

Sunset Kingdoms Map (2.4mb)

Alfar Tower Map (2.1mb)

Code of Unaris - Sample Character Sheets
Eight Code of Unaris character sheets, direct from the book. Available now as a PDF Download for free.

click here to download file

Summary of the Two Ages of Unaris
A one-page summary of the two ages of Unaris, the Sunset Kingdoms and the Alfar Tower. Download the PDF for free.

click here to download file

The Edict: Part I of III
An announcement from the head of the Church brings trouble to the Empire. (A good introductory adventure for players and gamemasters.) Download now!

click here to download file

Under the Surface: Part I of III
Coming Soon.
Magic, Mathematics, & Engineering Preview
A preview of Chapter 8, Magic, Mathematics, and Engineering. This free PDF include both the rules and a sampling of spells and theorems. Enjoy.

click here to download file

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